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QEP 60020 24-Inch Dual Speed Tile Saw

Product Description

The QEP 60020 24-Inch Dual Speed Tile Saw is an unbeatable combination of great features at reasonable prices. This solid piece of equipment comes with a square-stop and a bevel-stop to give that extremely professional look to all your cuts. The stand and saw are easy to set up while the depth and width-of-cut is very precise too.

The motor is mounted on a steel support arm and a mounting block ensuring durability and safety. It is powerful enough to handle any sort of material – tile, stone, porcelain, marble or granite – and the on/off switch is placed within easy reach.

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The cutting table that comes with the QEP 60020 wet tile saw has a slide-tube mounting that delivers smooth and accurate cutting. Changing blades is also a breeze thanks to the locking tilt-up blade guard. The easily transportable stand accompanying the saw keeps the tile secure while the fiberglass water tray is rust proof and easy to snap in and out, making its cleaning very easy. Finally, the automatic thermal overload protection prevents overheating and protects the internal parts of the motor from getting damaged.

Technical Details

Powerful 2HP Dual-speed 1750/2450 RPM motor

Angle/Rip guide and miter block

Rip Cuts tile up to 24″ x 24″ square and diagonally cuts tile up to 14″ x 14″

Manually change of RPM’s to accommodate different blades

High volume water pump and dual spray system

Folding stand (separate box)

10″ continuous rim wet diamond blade (#6-1003CR)

Enclosed dual water spray system

Slide-tube mounting system for smooth, accurate cuts

Automatic thermal overload protection

Locking tilt-up blade guard

Fiberglass impregnated water tray that is rust proof

Child-proof locking on/off switch with key

QEP 60020 Review

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In spite of the company’s claims about having produced a stellar product handy for all DIY workers, the QEP 60020 24-Inch Dual Speed Tile Saw has yet to impress the audience and gather a following for itself. While this wet tile saw does look pretty good in the pictures, when it arrives, many have claimed it to be too bulky to be set up alone. The accompanying step by step instructions leave much to be desired and several users have declared them to be quite useless.

Yet another common complaint made by several users was that the blade is very hard to center since the small shaft has no place or “seat” for the 5/8″ hole in the blade. In fact, one user commented that this displacement caused the stone to break and he had to depend on this 14″ brick saw to get the job done. He eventually returned the saw and got himself another one.

However, not everybody has had such drastic experiences with the QEP 60020 wet tile saw. There have been a percentage of users that have found it to be quite satisfactory for the occasional DIY tile and brick projects they had to do around their house. Although issues with calibration did crop up every now and then, they were largely able to get by with the QEP 60020.

In the end, whether you buy this particular wet tile saw is a matter of personal opinion. It does not come very highly recommended by users and you would be better off buying better machines available in the market for roughly the same price.

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